How Do I Upload Tracks on Moshpyt?

Learn how to effortlessly upload your tracks to Moshpyt.

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Get your music online with Moshpyt! Here's a step-by-step guide to uploading your tracks:

  1. Start by clicking the "Upload" button in the header (on computer) or side menu (on mobile).
  1. Choose the type of upload you want: beat, acapella, or sound kit.
    1. Choose which type of upload you wish to proceed with.
      Choose which type of upload you wish to proceed with.
  1. Decide between Quick or Full upload. Quick upload is great for non-commercial use, while Full upload is recommended for selling music licenses.
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      For non-commercial use, Quick Upload is a great option. But for selling music licenses, Full Upload is the way to go for maximum benefits.
  1. Add metadata such as the title, genre, BPM, key, and tags. Remember, tagging your tracks improves discoverability!
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  1. Upload the required files for your track, including the streaming MP3 file. If you sell a license, you'll receive a notification to upload the necessary files.
  1. Set prices for your licenses and choose your preferred free download options.
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  1. Credit any collaborators and select their license sales splits.
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  1. Hit "Publish" and your track is now live on Moshpyt! Congratulations!

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